Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gift Tag

I was asked to make a gift tag for a Christening present as I didn't have a christening verse used the word baptism and was told it wasn't suitable, well to me it means the same thing. I remember the minister who baptized my girls preferring the word Christening because it contained the word Christ, so I though I would I include a little bit about the History
Baptism: Baptism is a Greek word. Prior to Christianity, baptism was the ritual use of water for purification. Christian baptism is defined as a sacrament marked by the ritual use of water and admitting the recipient into the Christian community. This is the traditional term used and is an official sacrament of the Catholic Church. Baptism practices vary between churches, however it almost always involves the Trinitarian invocation ("I baptize you in the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit"). In some cases recipients are fully submerged in water, and in other cases it may be poured or sprinkled over the head. The earliest non-biblical forms of baptism were referred to in the Didache around 100 AD. This reference speaks to the baptism of adults rather than children. Around the same time we have references from others about infant baptism being customary. From the 3rd century, onward, groups of Christians baptized infants as standard practice (although some families preferred to wait until the child was older).
Christening: Introduced in the 14th century, Christening is the ceremony of baptizing and naming a child. It comes from English culture and isn’t properly defined in the modern day. Many dictionaries will refer to "baptism".

1) Baptism is a traditional sacrament, Christening is not.
2) Baptism can be done at any age, christening is traditionally for babies and young children
3) Christening usually involves a naming ceremony, baptism usually does not
4) Christening is when water is poured or sprinkled on the head, while the method for baptisms vary
5) Baptism was practiced and mentioned by name before Christianity, Christening was first referenced in the 14th century
6) Some churches believe christening is an act of submission to god, others don’t. Yet all consider baptism a submission to god.
7) "Baptism" is a Greek word, "Christening" is English

ECD tags die
Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit clear stamp.


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