Thursday, November 12, 2015

CCEE1546 Sesame street day

Another fun week of challenges by Frances for the CCEE Stampers Blog.

The 10th November is Sesame Street Day, this year celebrates 46 years since the show started. Create a card the is inspired by this show … You could feature any of the characters from the show; something related to a character eg garbage bin or cookies; or feature a letter of the alphabet etc.

Well I didn't have anything with Sesame street characters so I did a google search and chose this photo from their Facebook page for inspiration. The program was very popular when my girls were young and I loved the way the Count, would laugh after he counted.

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Anne Harmon
Joanne Grzelak
Liz Williams
Lois Bak
Lynn McAuley
Frances Byrne
Sabrina Friel
Vicky Gould
Amber Hillman

For my card I used My Favorite Things blueprint26 with some clear stamps.


  1. fabulous card for this weeks challenge. Definitely works with the Count image

  2. What a wonderful card for a 5th birthday. Love it, Maryann!

  3. I counted so many times with the Count! What a fun 5th birthday design, Maryann!

  4. How fun! Your card and my card would go together beautifully! LOL

  5. Oh Maryann, I love that you got your inspiration from The Count! He was always one of our favorite characters!! All those numbers are just perfect!

  6. A perfect card for the Count!

  7. You're not on your own with not having used an actual Sesame Street character! I see that Liz actually has the Count, how fun that you also have his portrait up here. I remember he was my nephew's favourite character from the book he had. Great card!

  8. I forgot all about the Count....what a clever card