Monday, August 22, 2011

Holiday projects

I have totally lost my mojo over the last month, but lately I have been working on some things. So I thought I would forget about the month a do a bit of catching up. Last month I met up with my husband for some R & R at the beach, he had his fishing rods so he was all set. I hastily packed my stuff after work and thought this is great while he is fishing I would get some images done for later projects. There is only so much room in the caravan, so I can't take a lot of craft items, so I had planned to use a few stamp sets and do lots of colouring. I was totally shocked to find I had left my bag of copic pens on the craft table, so all I had to work with was the stamps , a whole week of stamping the same images was not that inspiring.
But stashed away in the cupboards were some 3D sheets that I had picked up from crafts stores just in case it was raining. So it was a week of a bit of stamping, lots of cutting and layering but no colouring. In the end I have some lovely Accents to put on handmade cards for the occasions I need a card for some-one who is not a stamper.



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