Tuesday, January 18, 2011

QLD Flood

Happy New Year and it is not happy for some.
I have made a few cards and will post them at a later date, but I have had other things happening on around here.
The start of 2001 has been a very went one. At the start of the year most of the State of Queensland Australia has been covered in flood water. Devestating floods have been in the north, central, west and now the south east. I have been very lucky not to be caught in the flood area, but friends have and I have been helping them clean up. I thought I would share some photos of my home town with you.
Looking down the main street towards the central business district
Looking from the other side of the main street out of town

Somewhere under all that water is the bridge to the west side of town
The water has now receded and an army of volunteers from all over the country have turned up lend a hand, it has just been amazing.
Take care

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