Friday, March 6, 2009

Disney Presents

Hi There,

My close friends know that it was my birthday last month and I was a bit sad because my daughter was away, way away living over seas for six months, she had just left before my birthday. But it was great to hear that she has settled in well and who wouldn't working and living at Disney World in Florida. It was good to see that she did not forget her Mum's birthday and a package arrived this week. My daughter knows my well and has purchased things for my hobbies, a golf ball with the Disney logo, eyelets for making cards and a jigsaw puzzle. The only thing missing was a book from our favourite author, but I know that she has been looking so may be for Mother's day. The only thing that I really asked her for was some Martha Stewart boarder punches, it is sad but we can't buy them in Australia, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.


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