Sunday, September 4, 2011

What a mess

I recently purchased the MFT daisy die-namics, I really liked the look that I have seen on several other blogs. I have used die-namics before but usually just the layering type. It seemed pretty simple just run the die through your die cut machine, I had used it with paper and didn't have any problems as you can see in the photo on the left. But I wanted to use felt for a softer look but this is where my problems began. After several attemps I was wasting too much felt, now I had tried to put extra shim layers to get an even pressure on the die but nothing worked. Then I thought because I am using a very old sizzix machine I had better pull out my brand new big shot that I had yet to christen. As you can see in the next photo it still did not do the job and cut all the way through in the centre and I had to hand cut the last of the petals.

I also had a simular story with the rolled rose die it did not cut all the way through and when I tried to unwind the cut felt it just fell apart and I created some pretty deformed roses. Again I have used this die with card and am very happy with the results although it is a bit fiddly getting the roll just the way you want it. I did a search and found several tutorials on these dies and have a better understanding on how to use them, but I can say I don't think I will be using them with felt too often.



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  1. what you only just pulled out that big shot you got months ago!!!!!!!!!!!! Your problem could be the felt you are using, there are different grades of felt and not all felts are suited to die cutting.